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mica bando:音楽家

東京藝術大学音楽学部器楽科ピアノ専攻 卒業
Berklee音楽大学Music Synthesis(現・Music Production, Technology & Innovation)科 ボーカル専攻 卒業


SLOW LABELプロデュースによるSLOW MOVEMENTへの楽曲提供や、ヨコハマ・パラトリエンナーレでの音楽監督、光のアーティスト・髙橋匡太氏による山口ゆめ花博「ゆめのたね」をはじめ、六甲ミーツ・アート芸術散歩、越後妻有大地Gift for Frozen Village等のアートプログラムにおける音楽制作も担当。


mica bando:musician

mica bando, a daughter of classical musicians, is a classically trained pianist who expanded her musical medium to her voice – singing – and composition on computer – synthesizing electronic sounds. Surrounded by classical music, the playground of her youth included being backstage at performances by her parents – her father singing to her mother’s piano. Her favorite playtime was making up songs from various sounds she heard (e.g., the sound of wind), then singing them to her father. A highlight of her youthful musical training was the opportunity to work with renowned pianist Mioko Kato. Ms. Kato brought mica’s new appreciation for piano as a music-making medium, and inspired her to truly listen to sounds. Mr. Kato introduced mica to the importance of musical expression beyond the technical.

After graduating from the Tokyo University of the Arts as a piano performance major, mica originally thought she would continue pursuing classical music at a conservatory in Boston; however, her interests in alternative music instead lead her to the Berklee College of Music. It was there mica was introduced to composing music on a computer – synthesizing electronic sounds. This new medium expanded mica’s musical repertoire and her ability to communicate through music.

In 2009, mica composed music to accompany the NY Fashion Week. This opportunity solidified her belief in the emotional power of sounds, and music, and continues to this day. Her commissioned works can be heard in various venues.

Mica’s music transcends traditional categories. Working collaboratively with musicians and artists in various mediums, her music enhances viewers’ and listeners’ experiences and takes them to a world beyond their everyday lives.