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2010年帰国後より現在までの活動は多岐に渡り、webやインスタレーション、他アーティストへの楽曲提供・アレンジなどに加え、CMやドラマ・映画のためのレコーディング、在住する練馬区での「井」のまちづくりイベント「井のいち」での音楽担当、自身の音楽と食べ物のイベント「musicakinema」など多様なイベントに企画から携わり、パフォーマンスを担っている。クラシック、ポップス、エレクトロニックを行き交う独特な世界観を表現し、好評を博している。2014年ヨコハマ・パラトリエンナーレより、スローカンパニー・ミュー ジック部門として新しい表現にも挑戦している。

Mica Bando:

Japanese musician, born in Aichi, Japan, to parents who are both musicians.

Graduated from the Tokyo University of Arts, classical piano performance major. Moved to the United States in 2003 to study computer composition and singing at Berklee College of Music. After graduation from Berklee, she moved to New York City and took part in music for NY Fashion Week.

After moving back to Japan in 2010, mica has been actively participating in various projects such as music composition for websites, exhibitions, music composition and arrangements for other musicians/projects, and recording as a pianist and vocalist for Japanese movies and TV dramas. She currently resides in Tokyo, where she is engaged in a community development group called “I.” They produced “Inoichi,” a cultural festival held annually. She is responsible for the music aspect of the festival.

She has recently begun producing “Musicakinema,” which is a crossover across classical, pops, and electronic music as well as across visual and performing arts. She continues to cultivate a new genre, crossover of visual and performing arts. Most recently, she produced music for Yokoham Paratriennale in 2014.